Why I Focus on Advocacy for Farm Animals

cows comforting each other on a kill line

Two cows comforting each other in the slaughterhouse kill line

People might wonder why my blogs are mostly directed at giving voice to our “food” animals.

I care deeply about all sentient beings (and yes, that includes humans)– from endangered animals to the ones tortured and killed for fur, those who are experimented on and the creatures suffering in circuses and on canned hunting farms.

People who kill for furs or tusks aren’t likely to hear the message of compassion, so the only way to alter that behavior is to make it unprofitable to sell the items stolen from the animals, and that’s beyond the scope of what I’m able to do here in my blog.

Likewise, those who hunt are able to disconnect in a big way to the animals they kill, so my message here would fall on deaf ears.

Many people are already aware of and avoiding circuses and even for-profit zoos and theme parks using animals like Sea World, so that message seems to be reaching compassionate people.

Likewise, many people look for “cruelty-free” items when they shop, at least with regards to make-up and cleaning products.

The food issue is the one thing that most people fear looking at because this hits them so directly and with every meal they sit down to eat.

Those of us who know the cruelty behind animal products are generally loathe to bring it up to our friends or family, but this is a place where people can directly make a difference by refusing to fund the industry, and it’s easier now than ever.

Most people who would never wear fur, go to a circus, hunt animals or ever cause suffering or death to animals directly are clearly already sensitive and caring people who only need to find out what really goes on behind closed factory farm and slaughterhouse doors to choose to make a change.

The suffering is beyond imagination.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried and prayed for the change the animals so desperately need.

It’s not easy to face the truth and absorb the pain.

But good people will do just that when moved by compassion and mercy.

A good place to start is any one of the powerful films that are ushering in change all around the world.

Find some of these documentaries in my film section of this blog.

And thank you for caring. đŸ™‚



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  1. Bettie Witherspoon

    I grew up on a farm. I witnessed my uncle killing a pig. I saw my pet chicken fluttering around without her head after it was chopped off. She had been penned up in a small little box like pen after being injured. And that is when I became her best friend, feeding and trying to comfort her.

    I saw a bull clawing at the dirt and bellowing sadly after being chained for days and days to a pole.

    I want to throw up at the very thought of eating anything that was once alive. I will not wear leather. I will not wear fur. I put out food every day in my suburban yard for birds and squirrels and any other creatures who are hungry.

    Joy, Peace, Love – Bettie “The Lord is near to all who call upon Him; To all who call upon Him in truth.” Psalm 145:18

    Romans 3:25-26 (KJV) Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God; To declare, I say, at this tme his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus.


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  2. Bettie, my heart breaks for you that you had to witness such animal suffering, especially since you were so bonded with your animal friends. It’s horrible. I believe, as I see you do, that God doesn’t want us to torture and torment our animal brothers and sisters and wants us to help spread the word of compassion and mercy to all His sentient creation. I have always felt, since I was very little, that God wants me to help defend his defenseless animals from the cruelty of man. Big hugs. XXXOOO


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