A Tip of the Hat

The message of veganism is really very simple: do unto all others as you would have done to you.

This blog is dedicated to all who’ve pondered the idea of going vegan and either have already turned to this compassionate lifestyle or are walking the path towards it (you know who you are, you beautiful people)!

I have nothing but love and respect for the changes you’ve made or are making and I know you will be blessed a thousand times over in good health and a clear conscience. ❤


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  1. Bettie Witherspoon

    Thank you so much for the visual you provided citing reasons for being a vegetarian which I have become because I have come to the place where I cannot swallow a piece of meat or fish without envisioning the living source. As I was growing up as the only child on a dairy farm, with the job of feeding pigs and chickens and milking cows, these living beings, along with the pigeons, became my best friends. Today, I cannot eat my “best friends” any more than I could eat a human being.

    Praise the LordGod3 for providing alternative sources of fiber and protein and iron. Today I hope to have a potato with cheese and broccoli, or if not, a can of broccoli potato soup with a side treat of peanut butter and whole wheat crackers.

    I thank the LordGod3 also for giving me the idea, which I plan to implement very soon, for using my many windows as a “garden spot” where I can grow food.

    Mercy be to ALL animals ….


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  2. God bless you, Bettie, for your compassion! I can only imagine the bonds you formed with the animals you grew up with and loved (and who loved you in return). 🙂 I hear you–I can’t imagine eating an animal anymore than devouring human flesh–the idea of any animal suffering and dying for an unnecessary meal for me is unthinkable. I know in my heart God is glad we’re giving voice to his voiceless creatures, who share this earth with us. Wonderful that you’re creating a garden spot to grow food! Have you considered going vegan? I was vegetarian for many years but then learned of the immense cruelty to dairy cows and their calves on modern farms, so I have been dairy-free now for several years. It warms my heart that there are people like you that care so much in this world. XXXOOO


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