The Crime of Indifference

There are times like this that I despair of anything changing and with a broken heart and justified fury, I am all the more determined to speak for the voiceless. The forces of evil are powerful, but the forces of light are more powerful still.

Kingdom Animalia

pigdreamer Image by Twyla Francois Art

This has been a terrible day. It began with the news this morning that a tractor trailer carrying about 160 pigs overturned near Fearman’s slaughterhouse. After the initial feeling of horror, my first immediate thought was “I wonder if any of the pigs escaped?” And I hoped against hope. I knew that many activists I know would be on their way to the site — Toronto Pig Save holds vigils there several times a week. As challenging as the vigils are to attend, what the activists saw there today will likely haunt them forever. (As an aside, let me clarify that loaded word, activist: they are not “extreme”, they are not kooks. They are ordinary people who at some point saw what our society does to animals and found it so unconscionable that they couldn’t stand by in silence. That’s all. They’re just people who…

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