He is not Ours


He is not ours to use, to abuse, to torment, to torture, or to kill.

He is not necessary to our survival or our health (in fact his meat and his mother’s milk will do far more harm than good).

He is no different from our cat, our dog, or our other pets.

He’s got emotion, intelligence, and will.

He fears pain and suffering, he resists death with every fiber in his being, and he needs and wants comfort and safety.

He is capable of bonding deeply with both his own species and human beings, and he desires to be handled gently and mercifully.

Look into his eyes and see that he’s sentient.

See yourself in him and ask yourself if you can live with causing him suffering and distress and ultimately painful death, all for no reason at all.

He is killed in the most cruel and unthinkable ways– piece by piece he dies, unseen by most, far away behind slaughterhouse walls; but he does not suffer any less just because no one with mercy is there to witness it.

He is not a steak or a burger or a roast.

He is not ours.

Please go vegan.



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