When You Realize the Absurdity

pig-memeWhen I see headlines like, “Violence uncovered at Tyson chicken plant” or “Workers fired for violent handling of animals at slaughterhouse” I think to myself:

Yeah, because if they were doing it right, they’d be gently, tenderly and considerately forcing animals to their bloody death.

They’d be kindly stroking the animals as they slit their throats and hang them upside down to bleed to death, oh so gently coaxing them to the kill floor, where the gentlest of hands makes sure they are robbed of their lives, without violence, of course.

Are there better and worse ways of killing? Yes, there are more cruel and less cruel ways.

But make no mistake: a pig farmer himself confessed to me in writing that on his “humane farm” there was no such thing as humane slaughter–“humane slaughter is an oxymoron,” he said.

Do the owners of meat plants that profit by the most animals processed in the least amount of time even attempt to make the killing less violent?

No, in fact, slaughterhouse workers will tell you that animals are routinely scalded and butchered while they’re still alive, so as not to slow down the assembly line.

Let’s get real here. Killing animals against their will is violent, brutal, ugly and bloody, even if done in the most “humane” way.

Let’s not pretend it’s otherwise.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more on this. You are so correct – there is no such thing as humane slaughter. People are so brainwashed these days, when will they wake up?!?! It’s just blows my mind the amount of ignorance in our society. I love this image it is so powerful which is why I chose to use it on my flyers, along with many other great designs. I donate 100% of proceeds to animal advocacy groups. http://flyeroutreach.com

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  2. Absolutely, veg4life! I’m wondering when everyone who has compassion for all sentient beings will be willing to face the truth and make changes…but it’s happening, slowly, all around the world, thanks to people like you and to the internet, which gives us those “glass walls” Paul McCartney talked about. XXXOOO


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