When the Aliens Visit


Imagine if you will beings from another galaxy who’ve mastered space travel and, much like us, have advanced technologically but not so much spiritually.

Beings who are arrogant in their advancements and not easily moved by compassion or respect for those they feel are “lower” entities.

When they visit us, they look around at the inferior animals and think: these could serve us well.

In fact, they realize that with their superior intelligence and power, they can easily subdue the entire planet and make slaves of all creatures.

When we realize they aren’t just talking about the cows, pigs and chickens we routinely abuse and kill (because we can), we cry out:

“How dare you? How can you even think of making us slaves!”

“Because”, the aliens calmly state, “we can.”

“It’s unethical, it’s cruel, we are intelligent, we’re sentient, we have rights! There’s no justification for enslaving creatures like us!”

“Of course there is,” They calmly, unemotionally, reply.

“You’ll make excellent steaks!”

[Thanks to Rod Serling and to my Facebook friend Robert Bello for the inspiration].


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