Welcome to the Happy Hunting Ground


Trophy hunter: “Where I am?”

Booming voice: “You died and are on The Other Side”

Trophy hunter: “Wow, I can see animals everywhere! They have enormous antlers and tusks and they’re all huge!”

Booming voice: “That’s right, my son, they are all here for you to kill as you wish.”

Trophy hunter: “Where are my weapons?”

Booming voice: “Just imagine any weapon you like and it will appear in your hands.”

Trophy hunter: “That’s fantastic!! I can’t believe this! I must be in Heaven! How many can I shoot and kill?”

Booming voice: “As many as you like, whenever you like, for all eternity.”

Trophy hunter: “This is unreal! I’ll kill these beasts and conquer them all for fun!”

Booming voice: “Oh, yes, all for you to kill, but there’s one catch.”

Trophy hunter: “What’s that?”

Booming voice: “They won’t feel a thing, since they’re only products of your mind, but you’ll feel what would have been their fear, pain and death.”

Trophy hunter: “Then I’ll choose not to kill them here in Heaven.”

Booming voice: “Just as the animals had no choice on earth when you killed them, you have no choice here.”

Trophy hunter: “What do you mean?”

Booming voice: “This isn’t Heaven, jackass!”



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