“I’ll Never Go Vegan”


I’ve heard “I’ll never go vegan” from people, and it always not only troubles me for the sake of the animals, but it puzzles me as well.

My take on this is that something’s missing here: the knowledge most of us gain at a certain age in our lives–the idea that we should never say never.

How many of us said, “I’ll never get married” or “I’ll never get divorced” or “I’ll never (fill in the blank)”, and then proceeded to eat our words. lol

You’re lying if you said, “not me”. 😀

At a certain point we embrace the idea that as we learn and grow, we change naturally through experience, education, exposure to new ideas, exchanging views with others, etc.

If a pig farmer, a cattle farmer, and a hunter can change their minds and go vegan, then surely someone else who has compassion for animals can be open to the possibility that they will decide to quit funding the system that routinely tortures and slaughters billions of  sensitive, emotional, sentient animals every year, animals no different fundamentally from our pets.

Never say never; it’s the ability to expand our thinking and embrace new ideas that makes us truly evolving humans.

And those are the people I want to always be surrounded by.






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