Thoughts to Ponder


“How dare you force your vegan morality on me” said the woman against dog-fighting on moral grounds.

“Live and let live” said the man buying the meat of an animal that wanted to live.

“I’m entitled to my choice to eat animals” said the person against a gay person choosing to marry.

“I would never hurt an animal” said the woman who hired the slaughterhouse worker to slit their throats.

“God is LOVE and MERCY.  Plus, He created animals for us to slaughter and not have love and mercy for,” said the Bible quoter.

“Don’t judge me”, said the omnivore who judges hunters.

“Blessing of the Animals this Sunday. BBQ afterwards”, said the church sign.

“I hate those people who eat cats and dogs–that’s sick!” said the guy biting into a steak.

“I felt like Jeffrey Dahmer preparing this poor pig, but I’m gonna have the pig roast anyway,” said the person who gets it but then doesn’t.

“See? We have canine teeth like lions so we were meant to eat meat”, said the man who has no idea that the largest canine teeth of any land animal belong to an herbivore.

We’re superior to all other animals, that’s why we should eat them. Plus, we’re only doing what they do and we’re just like them,” said the woman to her children.

And, finally:

“If God didn’t want us to eat meat, then why are you so tasty?” said the cannibal to the tourist. 😀

Oh, and one more:

“I’m at the top of the food chain, that’s why” said the Great White Shark to the surfer.😛


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