When Showing Mercy is Considered “Extremism”


In our society, if you have a heart for other creatures (especially if you care about animals other than the ones considered “pets”), you learn quickly that that heart is associated with weakness and is generally ridiculed, condescended to, or simply ignored.

But the worst part of being an animal advocate is that we are labeled “extreme”.

Yes, it’s considered extreme to follow the advice most of us were given as children: “be kind to animals”.

It’s subversive to question a system that treats sentient beings as nothing more than commodities, as things to be used and abused and mercilessly slaughtered.

It’s threatening to question the status quo and considered downright rude and arrogant to express the belief that torturing and killing animals (other than pets) is wrong.

I mean, look at the man in the photo kissing the cow–what kind of freak, terrorist, dangerous person would extend compassion and love to a mere future steak? 😛

Think about it.

We torture and kill billions of sensitive, intelligent, emotional animals (no different from our pet cats and dogs) on factory farms and in slaughterhouses every single year and the ones who do the dirty work and the ones who hire them to do it are considered “normal”.

If that’s normal, I guess I need to be glad I’m extreme. vegan-sidekick





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