The Ways We Are Lied To

I’m happy to share this well-researched blog that exposes the reality of animal farming practices, revealing how “organic” farming might make people feel better about buying animal products, but is really just another way to exploit, torment and kill sensitive and intelligent animals for products we don’t need to live healthy lives.


The Waitrose ‘Food’ magazine is free to all customers who have a My Waitrose card. I have never taken a copy before, but last week,  I did.

There was a 7 page spread in it, called “Farming for the Future” – essentially it’s about going organic. So far, so good. But all of the farmers featured were animal farmers!

Meet the dairy farmers, Rachel and Jo Horler from Somerset, pictured with their herd of some  black and white and some light brown cows, all with yellow ear tags -no horns, of course.

“To meet organic standards we have to feed a minimum of 60% forage produced on the farm to our cows – that could be grazed grass, hay or silage”

“We were already growing white and red clover but wanted something more tolerant of dry weather, so we looked at chicory. It has a large root system and different growing…

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