People’s Compassion for Animals is Normal: A Story of Love

cow-being-hugged-by-a-womanMy Facebook friend, Carol Williams, shared the following:

“Dr Melanie Joy, in her book ‘Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows’ tells the story of Emily, the dairy cow who, seeing what was happening in front of her at the slaughter house kill line, jumped a 5 foot fence and legged it.

Her startled pursuers could not catch her. She hid out in the woods for 40 days, and local people – meat eaters and farmers – lied to the searchers about where she was and left out bales of hay for her at night. A nearby place called Peace Abbey, which had a small sanctuary, offered to buy Emily from her legal owners. Amazingly the company boss agreed, but only charged them $1 instead of the $500 commercial price.

The story shows that people care about animals. They did not think – leave her to die, she’s just ‘steak’, and they did not let her be caught. Her name wasn’t Emily when she escaped slaughter, she had no name, just a number.

She lived at the sanctuary until she was 10 years old, when, sadly, she died of uterine cancer. My guess is that the relentless pregnancy, birth and lactation of a dairy cow’s life will pre-dispose them to disease in later life, should they ever survive beyond the prescribed 5 years allowed them in the industry before they are considered ‘spent’ and slaughtered.

People’s compassion for animals is normal. The animal farming industries kill that compassion with relentless propaganda, so we can do things that our hearts would never let us do, if we knew the truth.”

It’s so true–we are trained to kill our compassion for farmed animals and to denounce, ridicule, or simply ignore those who refuse to allow their hearts to be closed.

But the human heart is better than what it’s been programmed for (to go along with the status quo) and we see that truth displayed in the story above and with the evolving vegan movement. 🙂

People’s compassion for animals is normal.


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