“But I Don’t Eat Veal”


Many people I know who eat meat and dairy products will not buy veal. This is commendable and I applaud them.

For those reading this who’ve ditched veal because of the intense confinement of calves in veal crates, kudos!

But (you saw this coming, didn’t you?), unfortunately, it’s not enough to not buy veal.

Sadly, animals like pigs are confined regularly, so buying pork contributes to their suffering.

Chickens are also intensively confined, so purchasing chicken keeps their torture an ongoing nightmare.

Eating dairy directly contributes to the veal industry–the two are intertwined. A cow gives birth over and over to calves that are used for the veal industry (or killed at birth).

And eating dairy also contributes to the suffering and death of cows–a dairy cow is slaughtered for hamburger at around five years old when she’s considered “spent” and her body is so depleted from the constant impregnation that she can barely walk to the kill floor and is often dragged and beaten to the place of death.

If you’re buying only meat and dairy from “free-range”, “humanely-raised” animals, know that often these terms are used very loosely and don’t always mean what you envision they do, and even if the animals are raised on a farm that gives them room to wander, the end result is the slaughterhouse, a terrifying, bloody factory of death.

A pig farmer who prided himself on his “humane” pig farm admitted to me that there is no such thing as “humane slaughter”, declaring it an oxymoron. I have that very statement from him in an email.

Again, I applaud those who eschew veal, it reveals compassion and it’s a start down the path of conscious living.

But the only way to avoid being part of a system that routinely exploits and harms animals is to go vegan (and it’s easier to do now than ever).



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