Cheers to the Open Minded!

calf being hugged by man

All the tears shed, all the visuals I can never un-see, all the words of trolls that make me feel like there’s no hope for change, it’s all worth it when I get a message like this one:

Thank you Barbara for all you do. The world is a better place for it. A mind only works if it is open. You helped to open mine.

These were the words of my Facebook friend, Rick Peterson.

I thanked him for being one of the awesome humans who is indeed open-minded.

I found a fascinating article on how we can all keep an open mind at

It turns out (probably as no surprise to most of us) that being open-minded doesn’t come easily for humans–we have to strategically work at it.

But we’re one step closer to helping the voiceless animals of the world and therefore all living things on this fragile planet when people can keep an open mind.

As Rick said, “a mind only works if it is open.”




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  1. That’s wonderful

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  2. Made my day for sure, Dana. XXXOOO


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