“It’s Wrong to Force Your Beliefs”

cows comforting each other on a kill line

Two cows comforting one another before slaughter

This is a common objection to vegan philosophy, and it’s a very successful attempt at shutting down any real conversation on animal cruelty.

It’s also interesting to note that most people do actually share a common belief that animal cruelty is wrong.

I also think that most people would find animal killing repulsive if they viewed slaughterhouse videos and most would find it at least worth considering that if we don’t need to kill animals to survive, then why would we violently take an animal’s life against it’s will?

We only need think about it for a moment to realize that many of the same people who accuse vegans of forcing their beliefs on others would be equally “guilty” for vocalizing their contempt for animal cruelty if it involves cats or dogs (here in the Western world).

They would also be likely to complain that eating cats and dogs in other countries is abhorrent and should be stopped.

The same is true of most who would like to end dog-fighting and the abuse of single animals by a person who enjoys torturing and/or killing them.

I’m hard-pressed to find a valid reason for anyone to object to the defense of animals who are suffering and need a voice to speak on their behalf.

How is it different to advocate for certain species of animals or condemn certain single acts vs. being against the institutionalized torture and slaughter of millions of animals on a regular, legal and ongoing basis?

The only difference I see is that when people speak out for farm animals who suffer unthinkable cruelty, they are now treading upon a sacred cow, if you’ll pardon the expression.

As long as someone speaks out against cruelty to animals that doesn’t ask anyone to change their eating (or wearing) habits, it’s applauded or at least tolerated.

As soon as someone speaks out against cruelty to animals that involves asking for change, it’s rejected, condemned and demonized or at the very least considered extreme and dismissed as such or simply completely ignored.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never liked double standards.

If it’s wrong to torture and kill a cat or a dog, then it’s wrong to torture and kill a pig or a cow.


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