Wild Horses Scheduled to Die for Cattle Grazing Land


For those of us who have been following the slaying of America’s wild horses for years, this is no surprise, but it may be very new to some people who don’t know about what happens to horses who get in the way of grazing lands.

From rt.com:

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is under fire after deciding to euthanize 45,000 unadopted wild horses it has been keeping in holding facilities across the US. The wild horses were removed from their natural habitat by the BLM so that privately-owned cattle could graze on the land for profit.

Wild horses in the west have long been romanticized, but the harsh truth is that they aren’t really appreciated for their untamed beauty and reflection of our history, they are simply one more “nuisance” animal, getting in the way of profit.

Of course, they can be sold for profit–and that means the slaughterhouse.

From an article at abc.com, under a 1997 court agreement, people may adopt wild horses at BLM auctions at a minimal fee of $125 if they sign an affidavit saying they do not intend to use the horses for commercial purposes. After a one-year probation, the adopter takes title of the horse if the BLM is satisfied the animal is well cared for.

But all too often, adopters either slaughter their adopted horses before or just after gaining titles to them. BLM officials say they work with slaughter houses to try and ensure no untitled horses are processed. But they argue there is little the bureau can do once the horses become private property.

Humans really seem to know no limits as to how they treat other species: cattle, pigs, chickens, and horses alike.

Breaks my heart in two.

If it breaks your heart, too, please join me in signing the petition to save these animals. It only takes a moment and could stop the slaughter.

And then, if you’re not already, go vegan! That’s the best hope for finally putting an end to the cruel slaughter of all animals.


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