Who Hires the Hit Man?


This is a question that few ask when it comes to who killed the animal they’re eating.

It’s a hard truth to face, but truth often is.

For many of us, it’s easier to simply cover our ears and pretend we aren’t responsible.

Most vegans did the very same thing, some for many years and some for a few years, but most of us were raised eating animals and didn’t at first face the ugly truth because our parents never asked the question: who hires the hit man?

Who paid the guy in the factory farm to intensely confine the animals?

Who supported the cutting off of piglets’ tails without anesthesia or the violent slamming of some piglets on the concrete floor to kill them if they were considered unprofitable?

Who gave money to the man who mercilessly stabs and boils (sometimes alive) the pigs we casually call “pork”?

If we eat bacon, if we eat chops, we did.

We hired the hit man.

Vegans simply said to themselves: this is not what I want to spend money on because I care about animals and I’m not cruel.

Vegans just decided to align their view of themselves (as compassionate humans) with their actions.

That’s it.

No mystery here, nothing bizarre or extreme.

Simply facing the truth and making the change.

We aren’t better, we aren’t superior, we aren’t special.

We just got very honest with ourselves.

A man who hires a hit man to kill another man is guilty of murder, though his hands aren’t stained with blood.

Do caring people truly want to hire the hit man to inflict violence on animals?

I submit that most people do not want to cause suffering and death to animals, but because it’s hidden from view, the connection isn’t made.

Let’s make the connection.

Let’s be honest with ourselves.

Let’s refuse to hire the hit man.


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