“Normalization” is the Key

cow with child

Children know instinctively that animals should be loved.

They don’t yet know that in our society, in the world in fact, animals we use are treated in the most heinous and brutal ways, and sadly, most children will grow to accept that as “normal”–usual, typical, or expected..

If something is considered “normal”, most of us don’t question it.

If something is common, it becomes in a sense invisible.

Human slavery was once common, and it was considered perfectly normal by most.

Humans can be extraordinarily good at not looking at something that might be painful to acknowledge in order to protect themselves from that pain.

A Facebook friend said it best with regards to our use–and the abuse of–animals.

My take is that most people are deeply uncomfortable with hurting animals but override their compassionate impulses in favor of habit, going with the crowd, reluctance to self-incriminate themselves, fear of change, etc.

And society, in large part through relentless marketing, normalizes and rewards eating animal products every day, and intentionally tries to make people not think about the harm they’re doing to the animals – and unfortunately they do this very well.

~Gary Loewenthal

There should be nothing “normal” about animal abuse and killing.



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