Truth is Simple


Sometimes I don’t need to use my own words; I can quote from someone I know.

“The field mouse who gets into the basement…
The fish in the pond down the road…
The newborn male chicks who are ‘useless’ and will be ground up alive…
The mother pig who can’t move in her tiny cage to see her babies…
The human child.
If we allow ourselves to believe that harming any of them is okay… is justified… is not so bad…
Then it won’t be long until we rationalize that there’s always a time or a circumstance when it’s okay to harm ANY of them.
It’s not selective.
It’s not only when convenient.
It’s a choice we make at every opportunity, because the alternative is… hurting someone. And it doesn’t matter who that someone is, because we all suffer the same… the mouse, the pig, the chicks, me… you.”

~Jeff Rosenberg


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