Why I Speak for the Voiceless

cow being hugged by woman

There is much in this world to work to end, and I always give to humanitarian organizations that help the hurting people of this world.

I’ve supported Amnesty International, Life Outreach International, Care for the Child, Unicef, and countless others over the years.

I don’t say this to highlight my support for human beings simply for the sake of telling you about it, I mention it because animal advocates are often accused of not being concerned for people.

The reason I speak for animals ceaselessly is because while everyone (or most of us) agrees that human suffering is wrong and we need to do whatever we can to alleviate it, most humans are still not on board with ending animal cruelty to “food” animals.

Most people either don’t realize the horror we put animals through, don’t want to know, or don’t care about animal suffering.

The ones who don’t care I don’t direct this blog towards. Obviously, I can’t make someone care if they don’t, and I never waste my time on those who have no heart.

The ones who don’t realize and even the ones who don’t want to know, I do direct this blog towards.

There are many, many people whose hearts have been closed to animal suffering only because they haven’t questioned why.

Once they realize they have been unwittingly socialized to accept that food animals are of “no real concern”, they can begin to ask themselves what goes on that they need to know about and how they can eliminate their own part in it.

A big step in the direction of awareness and subsequent withdrawal of support for products borne of cruelty is to check out the following documentaries and talks:


The Ghosts in our Machine


Earthlings photo


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