The “Natural Order” Doesn’t Align with Our “Natural Conscience”

pig in crate

I find it very curious that many humans will defend the mass slaughter of animals as “the natural order”.

Let’s examine this for a minute.

Out in the wild, animals at least have a fighting chance to elude their attackers. Sometimes the predator wins, and sometimes the predator loses.

In wild nature, animals aren’t bred specifically for exploitation, they haven’t developed at least a certain trust towards their predators, and they are killed by those animals who are instinctively driven to predatory behavior.

But there is a bigger problem with casually equating the “natural order” with the “right way of doing things”, and that is that if we truly believed that nature was the example we should use for how we treat other living creatures, man and animal alike, we would find ourselves defending the indefensible.

“There is no predetermined “natural order” of the Earth, some animals eat other animals, some don’t, some people eat other people……

If we are to solely use nature as a guide for how we live our lives in the modern human world then it will not only leave us confused but also allow for unending contradictions as there exist multiple natural occurrences in the animal kingdom which our human morality and consciousness may find abhorrent, such as rape, murder, cannibalism and incest.”

~ Vegan Megan (The Happy Cow)

If we are in fact “morally superior” to the animal kingdom (because we can act in ways that are in contradiction to the “Law of the Jungle”), than we cannot use nature’s “natural order” to justify our exploitative actions.

In fact, it should be obvious that man has developed a system of human laws to override the ruthless laws out in the wild–thus, we defend the weak, abhor senseless murder and violence, object to savagery in all its forms, including rape, child abuse, spouse battering, assault, etc.

The “natural order” simply does not conform to our “natural conscience”.


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