Vote for Candle 79 in NYC!

Candle 79

Have you been?

If you have been to Candle 79 at 154 E. 79th Street in New York City, then you know that this restaurant is simply fantastic.

Their prices don’t match the delicious food they prepare, because they’re simply too impossibly low for such amazing culinary delights.

Candle 79 soy dish

Candle 79 tempeh chimchurri

And on top of the incredible food, there’s the beautiful atmosphere.

candle79 inside view

Here’s a description of this fine restaurant: “deluxe eclectic vegan dishes made with organic produce & served in elegant surroundings”.


Candle 79 brunch

Candle 79 brunch


Of course, the food is all prepared with a loving hand — it’s completely vegan and therefore cruelty-free.

The reason I’m writing this blog is not because Candle 79 is paying me. 😀

I’m writing to encourage you to vote for them in the VegNews 15th Annual Veggie Awards if you’ve ever eaten there and found it to be as awesome as I’ve found it.

You can win some amazing prizes; and by the way, their sister restaurants in the city are also up for awards.

Details on VegNews’ Annual Veggie Awards  are here.

And if you haven’t checked out Candle 79, now you have a reason to visit NYC!

YUM! 😉

Candle 79 pan seared tofu with pesto

Candle 79 pan-seared tofu with pesto

Candle 79 Kale Salad

Candle 79 Kale Salad







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