I Stand with Anita!

Woman giving pigs a drink of water

Downtown Toronto resident is due in court this week for offering water to thirsty pigs on a hot day.

Toronto resident Anita Krajnc is set to face trial for the simple act of giving a drink of water to thirsty pigs on a hot day.

This small act of kindness was more than likely the only gentleness these pigs had ever known.

(Note that the photo above wasn’t taken the same day as her arrest since it was cooler the day the picture I used in this blog was snapped–Toronto Pig Save often offers acts of kindness to pigs on their way to slaughter all year long).

From insidetoronto.com:

“Krajnc, the co-founder of animal rights group Toronto Pig Save, faces charges of criminal mischief for “interference with the use, enjoyment and operation of property” after she saw a number of pigs in a sweltering truck on their way to slaughter in June, 2015.

As per Toronto Pig Save’s mandate, she “bore witness” to the overheated animals and gave them water from a bottle. That act could lead to six months in prison or a fine of up to $5,000.

“Our case strategy is bearing witness – being present in the face of animal suffering,” Krajnc said. “We make personal contact with the animals (who are suffering)…it’s a way of putting glass walls on the slaughterhouse.”

In a world where an act of kindness is considered criminal, I wonder sometimes when this planet will finally wake up.

We still consider food animals “property” and “things” and disregard their most basic needs.

When someone tries to alleviate suffering, the status quo is shaken up and reacts with fury, resulting in an attempt to punish the kindness of a good Samaritan.

Let’s hope that reason–and heart— over “legalities”, will result in the charges being dropped.


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