Beautiful People, it’s the Same Impulse Within

calf snuggles man

I know many, many absolutely fantastic people–loving, warm and caring.

Each one is a person who will do their best to not harm other beings, human or otherwise.

If there’s an animal crossing the road, they will of course do their best to avoid hitting it and are heartsick if they see an injured animal on the side of the road, suffering.

If they come across a wild animal on their travels, they delight at the sight and respectfully watch the animal at a distance, so as not to frighten him.

When caring for other people’s pets, they’re kind and gentle.

When taking care of their own pets, they’re patient and loving, even if the animal tests that patience at times (haha–we’ve all been there)!

They are disgusted by trophy hunting and dog fighting and the bludgeoning of innocent seal pups, and they would never wear fur.

The same impulse within that causes us all to avoid harming or killing an animal is the same one that causes some to become vegans.

This is why I always say vegans aren’t special.

We just recognize that in this day and age, there’s no need to exploit animals.

It’s simply a natural progression of our desire to not harm or kill unnecessarily.

That same drive within all of us is simply recognized and honored.

Humans have been endowed with the ability to put ourselves in another’s place and feel empathy, to suffer with them, and to want to relieve that suffering.

If we wouldn’t harm or kill an animal ourselves, why would we ever hire someone else to do it in our place?

Why would we shower our pets or even other’s pets with love and affection yet withhold that same love from “food” animals, who are endlessly mistreated and eventually mercilessly slaughtered?

Why should “out of sight, out of mind” ever apply to humans who are more than capable of extending their love to the unseen and unheard and feeling compassion for them?

Please think about honoring that impulse within–that beautiful part that you know is your true spirit.


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