My Friend Sivan’s Words of Truth

cow with Sivan Kumar

Sivan Kumar with his dear friend, the gentle cow

I have a Facebook friend who is the epitome of compassion and love, and he shows it in his kindness towards all living beings.

I will let him speak, for his words are powerful reminders that we humans have a long way to go.

“This world has lost compassion. The so called humans have made this lovely planet a graveyard– any where you go– same old culling of innocent animals; east or west it’s the same story.

As a student of Sociology I was taught man is a SOCIAL animal but later I came to know man is a CRUEL animal.

He is is so cruel that the screams of innocent animals do not stir his conscience; as long as his coffers are full with money, he hardly bothers that a LIFE is snuffed out every time he kills an animal.

Life is is a gift and no one has the right to snuff out an animal’s life.

When I raised this topic with HINDUS I was told animal sacrifice is their TRADITION.

When I asked the CHRISTIAN priests they told me ANIMALS DO NOT HAVE A SOUL,and I tried to tell them JESUS said THOU SHALL NOT KILL and they could not give me a convincing reply.

God help the so called humans……

I truly believe that kindness is trait which is in born in a person; a compassionate heart which cries at the very sight of cruelty towards LIVING BEINGS is a God given gift– either you have it or you don’t.

When the Cows hear the sound of my car they know that their FRIEND and WELL WISHER has come and they immediately rush to see me and I rush to them and give them a WARM HUG which may last a few minutes at times; then I kiss them till they say OK ENOUGH we love you too.. then starts our conversation.

I literally talk to them as if I am speaking to a friend: Had proper sleep?  Had your food? Cheer up and finally FORGIVE ME if by mistake I did not take proper care of you!

Believe me they FULLY UNDERSTAND–the only thing they cannot do is reply back!

Never ever should anyone underestimate them; they have ALL THE FEELINGS that the so called human has, and when I leave I request them BLESS ME from the bottom of your heart so that I can tirelessly carry forward your work.

I hope that soon a day comes when we bloody humans understand that THIS PLANET EQUALLY BELONGS TO ANIMALS AS WELL, NOT ONLY TO THE SOCIAL ANIMAL …. SORRY CRUEL ANIMAL…”

~Sivan Kumar

I will add only this: day by day there are more and more humans awakening to the fact that man displays unnecessary cruelty and slaughters without need our fellow sentient creatures who share this planet with us, and who deserve respect and compassion–and they are rejecting it!

Men and women all around the globe like Sivan give me hope that the world is slowly waking up and acting with the wisdom and kindness we were created to express.


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