When Comedy Hides Cruelty


I love comedy–I’m particularly fond of stand-up and I do enjoy “dark” humor as well. I think that without laughter and silliness, we’d all be even madder than we are–a frightening thought. 😛

In fact, without my own sense of humor, I might have killed myself a long time ago, since this is a world where if you feel the suffering of others–human and animal alike–you will hurt whether you like it or not; there’s no escaping.

But sometimes knowing the truth behind something makes it a challenge to find any humor in it.

Someone mentioned having seen a t-shirt that read, “Meat is Murder-Tasty Murder” and I think about how disconnected we are as a society to think that if someone doesn’t find that funny, they must lack a sense of humor (distinctly not true) and should just go ahead and laugh along with everyone else.

After all, what’s the big deal? Why are vegans so sad for animals? Who gives a damn whether they were treated cruelly and suffered? We got a tasty meal out of it!! And it’s funny to make fun of murder (if it’s an animal)!

Because, after all, tasty meat is what’s important–if it tastes good, then who cares about how the animal might have suffered, how it resisted its own death just like we would, and how in the slaughterhouse all mercy was withheld; it’s just an animal and really only good for a laugh on a t-shirt and a tasty meal for a human.

Here’s a thought: make the shirt with that text on it and a picture of a cat or a dog roasting on a spit.

Somehow, I think most people wouldn’t be laughing now.


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  1. siriuslyforanimals

    i dont find humor in killing or atrocities; if we substitute a human adult, child or baby into the place of the animal abuse/exploitation being laughed at,would it still be funny?


    • Exactly! When there is real suffering/killing and someone is enjoying laughing at it, I’m reminded of the type of kid that tortures animals and laughs at their suffering.


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