Vegans and the Negative Stereotype

Preach!Vegans often get a very bad rap, and certainly there are some people who are vegan who are aggressive; though I understand why, this has not been a path I’ve chosen personally.

I am always sensitive to the fact that people don’t want to be told how to think or feel–I truly get that.

That’s why I never preach to my friends who eat meat–I only hope they will visit my blog and contemplate what they read, for the animals of the world are so cruelly treated by man that they desperately need a voice to speak for them.

Are there times I want to scream? Absolutely. I stifle myself often and have STILL lost friends and family because of their OWN discomfort with veganism–because I truly believe most people see themselves as compassionate and are extremely uncomfortable when faced with the fact that buying animal products directly impacts animals in a distinctly negative way.

It’s a very fine line, to speak for the voiceless and yet be careful not to seem “above others”.

Quite frankly, it’s exhausting.

I for one am extremely aware that I’ve got a plethora of faults and am no better than anyone else.

Vegans are frequently told they should get off their high horses and stop moralizing– and then I’ve heard those same people say, “morals are relative”.

In my opinion, if morals are relative, then there’s no point in standing up for the oppressed, for slave owners certainly felt they were morally in the right.

There are lots of grey areas in life, but unnecessary violence and cruelty I think most will agree is simply wrong.

My question for people who think vegans shouldn’t “moralize” are if they themselves would intervene if they saw a dog being beaten to death in front of them or a child being molested–would they be “moralizing”?

The fact is, there’s no easy way to stand up against oppression in any form and not be considered “preachy”.

It’s the price to be paid for fighting injustice.


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