The Only Reason

cats in cages

Cats awaiting slaughter in China

You’re traveling the world–you’ve made a stop in, say, China.

You’re staying at a place near venture outside to take a look around at local culture and you see lots of penned up dogs and cats.

You inquire about them.

They will soon be slaughtered and sold as meat.

You are horrified.

You want to protest.

You want to rescue them.

You don’t understand how this could be done by people.

You will protest when you return home.

You’ll create a blog, you’ll post on Facebook, you’ll try to get anyone who will listen to you to hear you, to care, to take some action to free these helpless creatures and end the cat and dog meat trade.

You can’t get it off your mind and you can’t stop thinking about these animals, seeing their faces, feeling their desperation and fear.

You’re not really different from people who’ve gone vegan, are you?

No, it’s all in the cultural conditioning.

That’s the only reason that you’re not having the same painful feeling over pigs, cows and chickens.

The only reason.


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