Compassionate & Respectful: Who Could Object?

chicken and rooster and chick

Rooster Lincoln, Hen Sno-Pea and chick Luv-Bug at United Poultry Concerns Rescue


I once had a co-worker I had known for many years who had become a friend who was a cat lover but had no time for thinking about “food” animals and resented my posts on their behalf, eventually hiding me from his newsfeed and then unfriending me over another issue.

We were once at a company Christmas party and as he went to get some chicken from the buffet he sternly warned me to not dare say anything about it (it’s interesting–I never give anyone a hard time and had never once said a word to him about his love of meat-eating–this was clearly his own discomfort coming through).

Before he unfriended me, he sent me a private message saying, “It’s a bit much, don’t you think?” concerning my advocacy posts, which rarely if ever show the horrors we put animals through for our own wants and habits and only offer words to hopefully make people aware of their treatment and think about how we can end it.

Oh, yes, it’s a bit much–the unthinkable cruelty shown to chickens and the violent deaths they face after suffering–that’s what is truly a bit much.

I think of a rescue called United Poultry Concerns  and I thank God that someone out there actually sees these birds as living, thinking, feeling–sentient–beings and is working to help them against a society that constantly disregards them.

Their motto: “Promoting the Compassionate and Respectful Treatment of Domestic Fowl”.

I guess that’s a “bit much” to ask.

“Chickens are great companions.
If only people knew how smart
and lovable they can be.”



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