What I Actually Judge


I understand that people don’t want to be judged, and I want to clarify something about my stand on veganism: it’s not about judging people.

I am judging a society, a conditioning, a brainwashing culture and in fact, a world of “might equals right”, rather than people in general.

From the time I was very young I knew loving animals and killing them did not go together.

Most of us were taught to “be kind to animals” but there is no such kindness displayed to animals we use for food, clothing, entertainment and research.

I judge the hypocrisy of a world in which someone who advocates for dogs and cats is applauded but someone who advocates for cows, pigs and chickens is met with disdain, dismissiveness, hostility or is simply ignored.

The world reinforces its cruelty by conditioning people to think that “food” animals don’t matter and compassion for them is “extreme”, and I very much judge that.

Join me in rejecting a societal conditioning that says roasting a dog impaled on a spit is wrong but doing the same thing to a highly sensitive, intelligent and social pig is perfectly fine here in the western world!

Think about our horror at the thought of slaughtering a cat but how we don’t think twice about the brutal slaying of equally sensitive animals such as cows and chickens who live short, miserable lives in our mechanized society and end up in a man-made house of horrors.

I judge a society that puts habit above compassion, tradition above kindness and willful ignorance about what we really do to animals we exploit above facing the truth and making changes.

A world of cruelty should be judged.



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