In Your Heart and Soul…

Little Girl and lamb make speciesm history

I just saw a photo of a man with a bloody knife and blood splattered all over the walls of the slaughterhouse he works in that accompanied a story written by a brave woman who spent a day in that house of horror, witnessing what most people turn away from and don’t want to know about, and then going vegan immediately afterwards.

I couldn’t watch the video and I couldn’t read the story, because I can’t bear to see suffering and because I’ve seen enough and read enough to last a lifetime, which is why I’m vegan.

It’s also why I spread the word about the unnecessary and violent destruction of life that most humans avoid thinking about.

Could you watch the video or read the heartbreaking details of the slaughter of innocent and terrified animals?

If not, then it’s because you know you’d feel not only horror but deep sympathy for the animals who are killed against their will.

I speak for them because they can’t speak for themselves, and I hope even just one person hears the message and is willing to do their own investigation rather than pretending a true house of horrors for animals doesn’t exist.

If you’re afraid to hear the truth, then in your heart and soul you already are vegan.




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