An Article That Speaks Volumes

Battle scene ancient

I am not a misanthropist, or at least, I strive not to be; when I meet most people, I generally like them, because of course there are many good people in the world.

But in general, man’s history is a violent and terrifying one, and overall I’m often ashamed to be a part of the human race.

I just read an article that pretty much sums up how I feel and what I’ve come to conclude about the human race in general.

As the author says, “I am not a hate-filled person by nature, but I have what I consider a realistic view of Homo sapiens as a technologically over-evolved—yet morally under-evolved—ape.”

It seems man’s blind arrogance in general–in thinking that somehow his advanced intellect allows him to run roughshod over the earth and all other species, treating it and them with an attitude of disdain and exploitation, is his guiding force.

An excerpt:

“Ever since hominids first climbed down out of the trees and started clubbing their fellow animals, humanoids have been on a mission to claim the planet as their own. No other species could ever live up to man’s over-inflated self-image; therefore they became meat. Or if not meat, a servant or slave in one way or another.  If their flesh isn’t considered tasty, they’re put to use as beasts of burden, held captive for amusement or as literal guinea pigs to test drugs and torturous procedures for the perpetual prolongation of human life. Those who don’t prove themselves useful are deemed “pests” and slated for eradication.

Because, for whatever rationale, the human species sees itself as the top dog—all others: the underlings. My misanthropy is not really about a hate of humanity. I just tend to root for the underdog.”

If you feel you can relate, you might want to check out the complete article.

Read more of “Exposing the Big Game” by Jim Robertson at his blog.


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