What We Can Learn from Turin, Italy

Turin Italy Mayor Chiara Appendino

Turin, Italy Mayor Chiara Appendino


Chiara Appendino, the new mayor of the city of Turin, Italy has declared her intentions to make plant-based living a priority.

While here in America, the endless ads for unhealthy foods sourced from cruelty to animals and damage to the planet continues seemingly unabated, this woman is standing up to tradition and thinking compassionately and progressively.

“The promotion of vegan and vegetarian diets is a fundamental act in safeguarding our environment, the health of our citizens, and the welfare of our animals,” said Appendino. “Leading medical, nutritional and political experts will  help promote a culture of respect in our schools, teaching children how to eat well while protecting the earth and animal rights.”

The five-year program outlines plans to reduce the amount of animal products consumed in Turin, including long-term strategies aimed at children, such as educational projects dealing with animal welfare and nutrition.

More at vegnews.com.


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