Aneesha’s Story and How a Friend Restored My Faith in Humanity

Elephant Aneesha.jpg

Aneesha the elephant finds a new home

We all know about the horrors that humans inflict upon one another, and we read or hear about them daily: mass shootings, unprovoked attacks using all manner of weapons, etc.

As well, some of us are keenly aware of the brutality we show on a daily basis to our animal friends (hunting, exterminating, torturing and “processing” them into food, skins, fur and by-products).

When I can barely take it any more, I put my attention on those who are doing the work of compassion and healing.

Aneesha the elephant had a difficult life until kind humans rescued her, giving her a new life at the Wildlife Rescue And Rehabilitation Centre (WRRC Bangalore, India).

At the WRRC website, you’ll find Aneesha’s full story.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Aneesha is a 46-year-young lady  who has moved into WRRC’s new Elephant Care Facility (ECF) in Karnataka. Here, she will get the treatment, feed and care that she has been deprived of all her life.  A few months ago,  Tree Foundation India contacted WRRC about Aneesha, whom they felt was in urgent need of help. Our team agreed to take on the responsibility. We visited Aneesha in the small  town in interior Tamil Nadu,where she lived, in isolation and neglect. She was emaciated, arthritic, and in desperate need of veterinary attention.”

Her dark days are over and she’s now in a loving environment, thanks to people who cared.

She will be helped to live a happy life by my friend and fellow animal advocate, Hj Srikanth.

Hj was recently given the position of the coordinator of WRRC.

He messaged me the following:

“Apart from other things I would be doing, supervising the care for this elephant is one of my duties.”

I’m beyond thrilled that such a kind and wonderful man will be overseeing the care of this beautiful and intelligent creature, and my faith in humanity is helped immensely to remind myself that the light of human tenderness still shines on!

Will you be a part of the light that shines compassion upon the animals who need it so desperately?

You can begin by simply going vegan–and thereby refusing to pay for the cruelty and death inflicted on innocent animals each and every moment of the day.

Thank you, Hj, for caring, and thank you to all who make compassionate choices each day!

elephant Aneesha getting bath.jpg

Aneesha takes a bath!

elephant aneesha getting a foot scrub.jpg

Aneesha gets a careful foot scrub


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  1. Fantastic place. Thank you for all you do for the animal’s,
    Hj I’m so proud of you, your hard work paid off in getting your job, they have the right man in you. Your the most caring person I know to work with animal’s
    Good luck Hj and everyone who is there

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