No Excuses

Why do I constantly speak for the voiceless? This is why. Remember that you are much more powerful than you think to end these cruelties—simply refuse to fund them by your food choices.

Kingdom Animalia

Less than 18 months after one of their own chicken farmers spoke out on video against industry practices, Purdue — one of the largest suppliers of chicken meat in the United States with an estimated* 14,300,000 chickens —has announced concrete steps it’s taking to improve the lives of the chickens they raise. It’s a big deal, and it wasn’t just the damning video that prompted their actions; it was ever-increasing public demand that farmed animals be treated better.

Sweden_JMcArthur-5902 Young free-range chickens. Imagine how much less room they’ll have when they’re grown. Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

It is no longer any secret that the vast majority (about 98%) of farmed animals of every species are raised and housed in horrific conditions. With anywhere between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of animals living in intensive confinement in massive, windowless sheds, each animal, regardless of species, is born to a…

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  2. Glad to share your words of truth and compassion! 🙂


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