An open letter to Michael Burrows, CEO of Maple Lodge Farms

I’m sharing this because not only is it absolutely the truth, but it’s very timely, considering another video has been released showing animal cruelty in the “animal products” industry. I’m wondering when people will finally say, nope, I’m not buying anything that causes suffering and violent death. May it be soon.

Kingdom Animalia

Last week, Mercy For Animals released an undercover video of horrific animal abuse at Canada’s Maple Lodge Farms. Michael Burrows, CEO of Maple Lodge Farms, wasted no time in releasing a video of his own, expressing deep concern about MFA’s investigation.

Here is my open letter to Burrows:

Dear Mr. Burrows,

You did an excellent job in your video following the recent Mercy For Animals investigation. The trouble is, every industry exec says exactly the same thing after every undercover investigation is made public. Every exec says “It’s an anomaly, it won’t be tolerated, we don’t condone this, we have strict policies, we care about animal welfare.” But it simply isn’t true. These statements have absolutely no credibility anymore. No company is targeted for investigation; it’s completely random, and yet the same horrific abuses are uncovered each and every time. That is not an anomaly, Mr. Burrows, it is…

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