In Praise of the Compassionate Father


Fathers have an extremely powerful role to play, perhaps far more than even they themselves realize.

Dads are looked up to and respected when they are good and kind fathers, and their words and actions resonate with us long after they are gone from this earth.

And we never stop wanting to make them proud. 🙂

Fathers have the power to shape how humans carry themselves in this world and what they consider important by their example.

I want to share the words of a Facebook friend about her own dad, who displayed a remarkable sensitivity and wisdom regarding the link between the way we treat animals and the level of evolution of humankind.

Thank you, Amy Zeidman Horowitz, for sharing the words of a remarkable father:

‘My father taught me all about compassion and morality. If only everyone would listen to his words…’

“As humans we still condone the brutality of boxing, bull fighting, cock fighting, dog fighting, hunting, etc etc.. what kind of genetic streak in us enjoys slaughter?…will we ever learn what is right and what is wrong? Think about it, we raise millions of cows, pigs, chickens, fish, living things that we kill without conscience and without absolute necessity for our own selfish “tastes”…how far can we be from what we term “savages”?

If we have more and more fathers like Amy’s we will hopefully soon leave behind our savage natures and create a world worth living in.


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