Esther the Wonder Pig

My new comrade in animal advocacy and blogger extraordinaire, Debra Roppolo, wrote this excellent piece about the superstar named Esther the Wonder Pig and I just had to share it.

Kingdom Animalia

Esther2 All photos courtesy of

If you haven’t heard of Esther the Wonder Pig, there’s a good chance you’re not on Facebook. Esther was adopted by a couple who acted hastily, fell for her cute looks and believed they were adopting a “micro-pig.” Not so. But as Esther grew, and grew — and grew — so did her dads’ love for her and commitment to her. Esther had changed them and they decided to share who she is in the hope that she would influence others, too. Her star on the internet has risen with astonishing speed: her Facebook page received 100,000 “likes” in less than three months and her YouTube channel has had about 300,000 views. Now that she’s even appeared on BuzzFeed those numbers are sure to go up. And she’s starting to receive a fair bit of media attention.

Unfortunately, if predictably, the media attention mostly…

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