A Special Message of Thanks

cow being hugged by woman

I felt compelled to write this blog for all those friends and family who have read my blogs and contemplated the vegan message, and especially for those who have made changes to reduce or eliminate their reliance on animal products.

I have no power to change anyone, but I have always felt the responsibility to at least present information about animal exploitation as best I can and to hopefully touch each person’s compassionate place inside.

As children, the vast majority of us are born with a delight in, a love for, and a natural desire to bond with all animals, and this is our true nature and connection with other living beings.

That early, inner desire to cuddle animals and befriend them is buried by societal conditioning (at least towards our “meat and milk” animals), but I believe it never really goes away–it just goes underground.

I have said often that most people have compassion for animals and would never deliberately hurt or kill an animal themselves–but sadly most have been well-conditioned by society and the businesses that profit from animal exploitation to not think about and not want to know about animal cruelty and slaughter.

With all my heart, I thank each and every one of you who took the time from your busy schedules to read even one of my blogs or pages here, and for those who are going or have gone vegan: an enormous cyberhug on behalf of all sentient beings! 🙂 You have just made a difference for them and will now probably spread the message of compassion yourself, further making this world a more merciful place for all sentient beings.

In other words: you rock! 😀



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  1. you rock also!

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  2. All your blogs inspire me Barbara. I tell so many others about them, and just raising more awareness helps too! Thank you… And Rock It girlfriend!

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