One Beautiful Day

pig for blogDear nameless, forgotten creature,

I saw a picture of you on the internet today.

You looked so defeated, so sad, and so afraid.

I didn’t post that particular photo, but I did find one of a creature like you that I put in this blog that I write to you.

You were in the slaughterhouse, and considering how intelligent pigs are, I know you sensed what was coming.

I want to tell you that some of us care.

I know you are gone now, but if we could have saved you, we would have.

I want to apologize on behalf of my fellow humans, most of whom don’t seem to care enough about you to change, and for that I have no explanation, for I don’t understand it myself.

When I tell you that most people are not monsters, most people are good at heart, most people would be upset if they truly allowed themselves to face the cruelty you’ve been shown all your life on a factory farm, in transport to your place of death, and to the way you were treated when mercilessly killed, I understand why you wouldn’t believe me.

I really do.

I’m so sorry you were mistreated, disregarded, intensely confined and had to hear your piglets screaming in pain when their tails were cut off without any anesthesia in front of you without being able to come to their rescue.

I’m so sorry that in general you were thought of as simply a number, or “bacon”, not a sensitive, highly intelligent, social and affectionate, curious animal who deserved so much better.

I hope you are at peace wherever you are now.

I promise I will keep speaking for you and for those like you and I will not be silenced until I, too, one day face my own death.

Rest in peace, my dear one.

One day the world will wake up.

One beautiful day.



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