Humans and the Resistance to Change

facebookOne of the reasons I have had to largely stay away from Facebook and avoid reading the comment sections of articles that might be considered controversial is because some humans unfortunately have a tendency to react with maliciousness when a topic suggests that we might have to change our ways.

I know, I just stated the obvious. 😀

Now, of course, that’s not all people, which is why I used the word “some”. And of course there are trolls who live to mock and enrage others for their own amusement.

But change in general is scary to all of us to differing degrees.

So when a major movement is underway to attempt to open people’s eyes to the lack of compassion shown to “food” animals and other creatures we use and abuse/kill, and to do away with this behavior, even good and decent people have a rough time hearing the message, and some react with comments meant to shame, degrade, mock and generally “destroy” the agents of change.

A Facebook friend tagged me in a post with a picture of a plate of dog meat with the caption, “this is dog meat–the feeling you’re having right now is how vegans feel all the time”,

Seeing the comments of people who couldn’t resist the urge to attack the message was a reminder that our fight is enormous.

One man accused vegans of being “emotionally manipulative” and “ethnocentric” because we dared to compare dog meat to pig meat or cow meat, and actually admitted he felt bad for the dog but still insisted we who support compassion for all animals should really just shut up and get over it.

This, I remind myself, is how humans often react when faced with something they either don’t want to face or are steadfastly refusing to change.

The usual argument ensues, and those who want to condemn the message and the messengers use their typical comments–“we’ve been eating meat forever and that will never change”, “who are you to question other cultures?”, “too bad you can’t handle the idea of animals being killed for food, get over it”, or some remarks to that extent.

I remind myself that the message of compassion is not always well-received.

Once, people thought human slavery was perfectly fine, beating women was totally cool, and watching lions devour Christians was considered a great day of fun.

Yep, meat-eating has been with us a long time, and change is slow, but more and more people are thinking beyond what they’ve been conditioned to accept as perfectly fine and asking themselves if hurting and killing animals is necessary, and then answering, “no”.

This is what keeps me from despairing that things will ever truly change for the creatures who suffer at the hands of man.

The message of that Facebook post didn’t necessarily not reach the ones mocking it–you never know what seeds have been planted.

I’m not naive, of course, to think that everyone will suddenly have compassion for all animals because of that post–sadly, most of the ones who condemned the message and vegans in general will probably go on hating us and resisting our plea for mercy for all animals, but if one, just one person heard the message, then it’s done its job.


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