The Serenity Prayer

calf hugged by tatooed man

Let me be honest right now and say I’ve never thought of myself as a courageous person.

That word in my opinion should be reserved only for those who risk or lay their lives on the line for a good and just cause, and of course there are many who have paid the ultimate price for doing just that and I have the deepest respect for them on this Memorial Day.

There is a poem we all know that is used in addiction recovery and although it appears to be just slightly altered, here is the poem presumably in its original form or at least one of its early forms:

O God, give us the courage
To accept with serenity
The things we cannot change.
Give us the courage to change
The things that should be changed.
And give us the wisdom to distinguish
The one from the other.

~Reinhold Niebuhr, American theologian (1892–1971).

Sometimes with fighting a very difficult battle to get people to truly look at all forms of animal cruelty, it seems like it will never be changed in any dramatic way, because so often the message of veganism falls on deaf ears or is ignored completely.

Yes, there are times I’ve asked myself: do I have the wisdom to distinguish between things I can help change and those I cannot?

And then I remember that all it takes is reaching one open mind and heart.

Just one.

And I believe that is reason enough to continue to speak for the animals who cannot.


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