Mirror, Mirror


Humans have a great capacity for compassion towards others, and we all (or most of us) see ourselves as being merciful to other creatures.

We also have a great fear (not entirely unfounded) of wild animals who might do us harm.

I have enormous respect for all animals and that means knowing that some creatures might do me harm out of fear, anger, protecting their territory/young, or just plain accidentally, so I am always aware of possible dangers (i.e., hiking in areas where there might be a bear encounter).

So while seeing an ad for “Monster Week” on Animal Planet, I understand that to us, yes, there are “monsters” out there that might do us harm.

Then I reflect on the irony of our fear of other creatures–the irony being that we would never see ourselves as monsters but I’m pretty sure that on factory farms, in harrowing transport, and in slaughterhouses all over the world animals see us very much as monsters.

For what is a monster but a being that would do us harm? A creature that has no mercy, no ability to feel compassion for us, no wish to avoid hurting or killing us?

It’s “Monster Week” all the time for the animals we use and abuse and ultimately kill, all in the name of food, fashion or entertainment.

Let’s look at the reflection in the mirror and be honest with ourselves about who the real monsters are and end our reign of terror on innocent animals who themselves would do us no harm.


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