The Latest News on Jon & Tracey Stewart’s Farm Sanctuary

Jon Stewart and rescued goatJon Stewart helps transfer a rescued goat named Levi to his new home on his farm in New Jersey. (Photo: The Daily Squeal/Facebook)

Since last fall, Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey have been keeping their development of a sanctuary  called  Bufflehead Farms for abused farm animals on the downlow, but I did manage to find some exciting news from just a few weeks ago, namely the purchase of more land for the project.

Their intention is to turn their farm into an education and outreach center and we now know that Bufflehead will be comprised of two properties, not one: the private 12 acres at the Stewart’s home in Middletown, New Jersey, which was announced last October, and a new tract of land they’ve recently purchased in nearby Colts Neck.

According to, the couple are under contract for Hockhockson Farm, a 45-acre spread with three houses and 12 outbuildings. In planning papers filed with the town, the intention is to use all the buildings for the sanctuary operation, including the renovation of one for a visitor’s center. A total of 15 acres would be used to grow crops to feed the animals, which would include “four to six cows, two to four pigs, six to 10 sheep, six to 10 goats, two to four horses and up to 50 chickens.”

“Abused farm animals rescued from slaughter houses, kill piles, live markets and roadsides would be housed and rehabilitated at the farm,” the paperwork states. “The animals would live out their natural lives experiencing individual care and compassion by a licensed veterinarian.”

They also intend to create a school curriculum focused on sustainable agriculture, animal care, healthy diets and more.

So the dearly missed Jon Stewart (especially during this election season) spends his days giving belly rubs to pigs and still managing to stay cleaner than dealing with politicians (rim shot). 😀

No date yet available on when people can visit the sanctuary, but I’ll keep you posted.


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