The Spirit of Motherhood

cow and babyI often reflect on the spirit of motherhood that runs so strong in humans and animals alike and causes a mom to stand up for, protect, defend, and gently care for her young.

That spirit is innate in mothers unless there’s something preventing its expression.

Observing animals as well as human mothers evokes a sense of respect and admiration, for we all know that nearly all mothers will lay down their lives for their young.

One of the reasons I feel veganism is so important is that mother animals, such as cows, are treated with zero respect by humans in the dairy industry regarding their motherhood.

You can check out in detail the ways in which mother cows are caused immense grief by reading my previous blog, “But Why Not Dairy Products?” , but here’s an excerpt:

Because man has become accustomed to using the milk meant for the calf, the natural process of a mother nurturing her young is violated, with the baby being taken from the mother either immediately upon birth or shortly thereafter, much to the mother’s grief, anger and sorrow.

The mom will call for her calf and try to search for it, and her distress is understandable: the instinct of a mother is powerful, primal stuff.

The calf might be killed immediately (sometimes beaten to death with a hammer), be destined for the veal crate or, if a female, a fate awaits her like her mother’s–being constantly impregnated and having her babies stolen from her, and when her body can no longer support the cycle, she’s turned into hamburger.

Suffice it to say that if we as humans are to truly respect and appreciate the deep bond a mother feels for her young, we need to extend that respect to all living, sentient beings.

Often times I have felt strongly that the mother instinct to protect, and the anger I feel when animals are exploited by being tortured and/or killed, comes from this deep mother spirit within me, and I want to rescue all those who are in peril.

The power of motherhood should never be underestimated, and if all women were to join together to demand that all creatures at our mercy be treated with compassion and protected from harm, the world would change immensely.

Let us strive to extend our compassion by reflecting a spirit of love, tenderness, and fierce protection to all sentient beings.

May all human moms as well as those who are furbaby moms, and everyone who feels the deep and powerful Great Mother Spirit within, have a happy and beautiful Mother’s Day.

Paul Winter– “Lullaby from the Great Mother Whale for the Baby Seal Pups”:


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