My Friend’s Father: How Love and Veggies Helped Him Fight Cancer

Banana and Carrot photoI’ve asked my friend Marla Uzanus to guest blog whenever she feels compelled to share, and she’s written the following true story:

“In 1988 my Father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, stage 4– the prostate capsule burst and the cancer traveled through his blood all over in his body; 3 tumors developed in his spine.

His prostate was removed; however my father chose not to have chemo or radiation. He researched alternative treatments in Tijuana, Mexico.

My brother, who is a pastor, had testimonies from people at his church who went there with positive results– the Bio-Medical Center (Hoxsey Clinic).

The doctor, Harry Hoxsey, who started this clinic in the 1960’s, was from the USA. He had a horse that had cancer. Every day he watched what the horse ate (organic) and the horse cured itself.

Hoxsey made a liquid elixir tonic and salve out of herbs. Of course the FDA didn’t approve–that’s when he went to Mexico.

My brother and I alternated taking my father to Mexico. We stayed in San Diego and the clinic picked us up. Very organized. The clinic at that time was at a mansion that once belonged to a drug lord, up high on a hill.

I couldn’t believe seeing people from all over the world who went there for cancer treatments. The best part of this treatment–the diet!!

The diet worked with the elixir, and was 99.9% vegan.

Fresh fruit and veggies– all you can eat, white Grape juice ( purifies the blood),  Spring or filtered water, grains and beans, nothing refined that was white : sugar, flour, bread, rice (feeds cancer growth).

Nothing with a vinegar base because it would neutralize the elixir, no alcohol beverages, no processed foods with artificial flavors, dyes, additives, fillers, or chemicals.

No meat because of the hormones (I was happy about that). 

The remaining 1% was dairy, eggs (sad but true)–keep it vegan!!

A lot of vitamins, natural estrogen to slow the cancer. 

The positive is, approximately less than a year on this diet, The 3 tumors dissapated in his spine !!

The USA Doctors couldn’t believe it.

My dad was dedicated, being he cared for my mom, who was diabetic and very ill.

In 1995 my mother passed away. My mom and dad were tied at the hip; they had a wonderful marriage. My dad’s heart was broken.

I can’t actually remember his last appointment in Mexico, I’m thinking 1996.

Unfortunately, my dad started eating meat: hot dogs, canned beefaroni, as well as candy Marshmallow Peanuts–just eating crap!!– and went back to smoking.

His cancer was back in a heartbeat.

He passed away in 1998.

While my dad was on that diet, he was given years that he may not of had 3 tumors in his spine–that was no joke.

And they dissapated with a non-invasive, natural healing way, without harsh rounds of chemo/radiation–that’s huge!!

I’m sure there are a lot of testimonials from many people how a vegan diet has helped illness.”

Thank you so much for sharing your dad’s story, Marla!



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  1. What a wonderful healing and hopeful story! Sorry that the loss of your Mom Marla caused the downfall of your Father too. My condolences on both, but what encouragement to seek a natural alternative to Chemo’s. Never stop sharing this philosophy! ~peace & healing.


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