Vegans Aren’t Special

plush animal and girlSometimes I’m told that I (and others who’ve gone vegan) are extraordinarily, unusually sympathetic to animals, and although I’m deeply touched by the compliment, the reality is that most human beings already have this compassion inside.

The truth of the matter is that the humans who torture and kill animals are in the minority and most people are disturbed at the thought of any animal suffering and/or dying, particularly at the hands of another human being.

There is truly nothing special about someone like me or others who’ve ditched animal products in our innate sympathy for other creatures, because virtually all (or at least the majority of people) are born with a love for our animal friends.

Observe the people around you.

Do you know anyone who would ever deliberately run over an animal in the road, or feel good about seeing a creature being killed, or would celebrate the suffering of any sentient being?

There’s a reason why as children we all started out playing with plush animals and were drawn to and and delighted in holding, cuddling, and sleeping along side our “friends” the critters.

And what child doesn’t love seeing and interacting with living, breathing animals, whether it’s the family cat or dog or animals at a petting zoo?

The only difference I can see between vegans and non-vegans is that vegans somewhere along the way realized that society had sold us a bill of goods and convinced us that it was okay to have someone else do the killing and we could use animal products with a clear conscience because we didn’t do the dirty work ourselves (or even see it being done).

We were fed a steady stream of images of happy farm animals who were treated with love and kindness and never suffered, and nothing could be further from the truth, especially in today’s factory farms and slaughterhouses, where suffering is immense.

We also innately understand that all animals value their lives as much as we do, and when we kill them we have inflicted the ultimate violation against them and against their will.

When the epiphany comes, when the truth is faced, veganism is just the natural outcome of the journey.

Most people have concern for animals, even those who aren’t particularly “animal people” and don’t have pets in their lives, because most people do not want to inflict pain and suffering on other creatures.

Nope, there is nothing particularly special about vegans, we are just living what most people would do if they really gave it thought.

Please, will you give it thought today?

The animals who are suffering can’t wait another day.




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