She’s “Just a Cow”

I read a comment recently by a man who thought it ridiculous to care about animals and scoffed, “Who cares? It’s just a cow. I’m gonna go get a burger. Moo.”

Yep, the attack of the troll, I know.

But it got me thinking: what if he had said “It’s just a dog. Who cares?” when someone might suggest the dog meat trade was cruel and unthinkable.

Nope, he probably wouldn’t say that. Because even trolls sometimes know the boundaries. Yes, they often break those boundaries for shock value, but since they’re cowards they do tend to want the majority in the culture to be on “their side” and in our culture here in the western world, that side is firmly not with the cows.

I remember reading a darkly funny quote a few years ago–it was probably in some comedian’s stand-up act: “Save the whales? What did the cows do??”

Yep, it made me laugh. And yes, it also made me think that in a sharp-witted way, he got right to the heart of the matter, although he was clearly simply making a joke.

Many people get upset over the slaughter of whales, but the cow is dismissed. She’s left on her own. She doesn’t matter.

She’s invisible. 

And she suffers. Immensely.

And that’s why I speak for her.

Over and over again, that’s why I speak for her.

I only wish more people were listening.

Perhaps someone reading this will.

P.S. Please don’t be afraid to watch the video above. Unlike the horrific fate of most gentle cows, this girl named Emma got lucky and avoided that fate at the eleventh hour. There’s  a happy ending to her story, thanks to humans who actually cared.


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