A Letter From an Old Friend

Letter from old friend Jean TemmeIt was many years ago that I met and befriended an older woman who was like a mother-figure in some ways, and in other ways simply a friend.

I’ve often wondered where she was and how she was doing all the long years between.

I found an old letter from her today and it reminded me of what a lonely road it was (and still is) to be a vegetarian in a world that still considers it “normal” and justifiable to eat meat.

We connected over our shared (and at that time very rare) desire to cause as little suffering to other sentient creatures as we could.

Since it was decades ago, we weren’t yet vegans, not realizing the damage the dairy industry did to cows and calves.

I share this as a tribute to her heartfelt words and with the hope they will reach someone.

“Dear Barbara,

Just a few lines to tell you that I’m so glad to have met you. It just makes my day when I meet another vegetarian.

For it’s so lonely being different. And frustrating.

And I so believe that the carnivorous people are wrong in all the killing and suffering they cause. Surely, God must hear the cries of the animals.

Becoming a vegetarian has made me question– and question and question–just where mankind is going and where did he come from.

Most of all, it has me searching for the truth.

Even if I never hear from you, I’m glad our paths crossed. You’ll always be my friend.

If there’s something you want very much–tell me. I’ll add my prayers to yours.


Wherever you are now, Jean, you’ll always be my friend, too. And know that the world is finally beginning to see animal exploitation for what it is: unnecessary cruelty and violence.

You already know what it is that I want very much…add my prayers to yours for an end to all animal (and human) exploitation.



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  1. Beth Gilbert Kalt

    This was beautiful Barbara! -and your wish to be prayed for, was even more touching!!!

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  2. I agree, Beth! Such a kind thought from an intelligent and kind person. Hope you’re well, speaking of intelligent and kind people. 🙂 Miss you, Beth. XXXOOO


  3. How beautiful….maybe your paths will meet again!

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