A Poem for Her

cow portrait (face)

I feel a stirring in my soul
God’s mercy coming through
I know His creatures suffer
I wonder what can I do?

I see her dear, frightened face
The lovely cow facing death
Her gentle eyes pleading
My prayer with every breath

Is to comfort her in those moments
When the butcher raises his knife
And his cold and merciless hand
Slashes her where she stands

No one hears her cries of pain
No one feels her fears
In this place of bloody death
It all falls on deaf ears

My heart is with her suffering
Why must she die?
Her innocence so obvious
Our “need” to kill her a lie

She trembles before her assassin
There is no way to break free
My tears for her are useless
My heart broken that others won’t see

That we have the power to free her
We do not have to pay for her end
Her killers are merely paid hitmen
To which our dollars send

This beautiful, peaceful creature
Who has done us no harm
To a violent and cruel slaughter
Transported from the farm

I weep, I sob, I curse
A system that doesn’t care
I pray for change so needed
And try to make others aware

Please think of her at mealtime
Ask yourself: could you kill her?
Look inside your heart and soul
I pray that you will free her


P.S. Please don’t fear to watch the video of Emma the cow below…it is harrowing only for a moment and has a very happy ending.

Read the story of Emma the cow from the video above, rescued at the last minute, at onegreenplanet.org.


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  1. Beautiful!

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  2. Thank you, my friend. XXXOOO


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